WIRED Magazine – November 2010

  • AKFiringCamera_FINAL_OVERLAY
  • AKFiringCamera_BuildOnR3_h264
  • AKSideFire_BuildOnR2_h264
  • iPad_WIRED_November2010AK47Slider_h264

For the interactive slider, a CGI version of the gun had to be constructed down to minute detail as it would be exploding into all of its parts to show how it was assembled. A middle frame of this animation was re-rendered at a higher resolution for print use in a double page spread. The side firing AK-47 utilized a shot of the gun laying on a table  that was retouched over black with effects and CGI work for the open bolt, casing, and smoke and fire from the muzzle. The AK-47 firing at the camera is an entirely CGI shot with digital matte painting for detail as well as the muzzle flash and smoke. This particular image has some implied creative license as no one has ever been on that end of the gun and lived to photograph or describe it.

Please look at the breakdown videos of these shots for a more in-depth view of how these images were created.

client : Wired Magazine
issue : November 2010
media : Digital Magazine, Print Magazine
features : CGI
Digital Matte Painting
brief : For an article on guns Wired needed a 3D, interactive exploded render of an AK-47 for a slider on the iPad. They also needed a side shot of an AK-47 firing, and a CGI version of an AK-47 shooting at the camera.