• WEN-4VA_FTP_DeluxeKitExtraLargeSupply-Lockup_Intl
  • Wen_16oz_SAM_TravelKit
  • WEN_SolanoHairDryerAndNozzles-Lockup-V2
  • Wen_18pc_Line_Up_1
  • Wen_32OZ-LAV-CC-PumpTop-RGB
  • Wen_CCBox_8packettes_VARIETY
  • Wen_4OZPuck_LAV
  • WEN_Fig-CCPackette-2oz_041314J-V4a(1)
  • Wen_NewKit_1
  • Wen-6oz-ReplenishingTreatmentMist
  • WenKids_Watermelon-DetangleSpray-6oz-V2a_1
  • Wen_Accessories_KIT-V2
  • WenPets_LavenderMintEucalyptus-CC-32oz-V2
  • Wen-SAM-TrioInside_BurlapBagAngled-SSG_VRL_TR
  • 1-8OZ_SAM-NourishingMousse_Bottle
  • Wen_2oz_Layout_2_CC_CSLPTF
  • Wen_3pc_90day_SHL_NoTravelKit
  • Wen_12oz_SAM_layout

WEN wanted to streamline their product photography across the board and create a new look. DF•Creative deigned a modular, custom, CGI light rig and digitally replicated their product line to create a new all CG pipeline to handle past and future products and give consistency across all the lockups and layouts.



client : WEN
media : Print, Out of Home, Website, Billboard
features : Retouching
brief Design a CGI pipeline for all of their product shots and layouts