Sheer Cover

  • Deluxe_layout-V2-NEW_V2-DoubleMineralFoundation-V4
  • Sheercover-FantasyPalette_w-Concealer_and_Foundation_Brush-V4
  • Basic_layout-V2-NEW-V1-withbonus
  • Sheer_Cover-Studio_Glamour_Kit-90Day-w_BeautyBag-DoubleMinFoundation-V3

Sheer Cover decided to transition all of their product shots and layouts from traditional photography to CG. DF•C created a custom pipeline that included digital versions of their products and a custom light-rig for consistency across all layouts and comps.

client : Sheer Cover
media : Print, Out of Home, Billboard, Website
features : Retouching
brief Develop a CG pipeline for all product shots and layouts