• PA_19pc-CMM-MasterLockup-2015-V2_a2
  • New_P_Complete_Kit_90_Day
  • Proactiv19pcLockup-V5-8
  • P_3G-InstantRadianceDuo
  • P_90DayCoreLockup-CapsOff-V2
  • P_CXT-5pcLockup-V1
  • Rotating_Head_Deep_Cleansing_Brush_Gift_Set_Combo_V2
  • OilBlotterBox_Layout2_digital
  • P_LiquidSPF15-0_75oz-CapOn-1
  • P_LT-MD_DuoConcealer_Brush-Lockup
  • PA_ADSCS_1OZ_CapOn
  • PA_DCWandBodyBrushLockup
  • PA_MCW_3_ALL
  • SheerFinishPressedPowder_Side_High
  • PA_QFBP_WithCap
  • PA_RRS_-5OZ-1_NewCap
  • PA_Brush_V4-LogoRev2
  • Package_Type_A-MakeupCleansingWipesLayout
  • SheerMineralLoosePowderCompact_Medium_withLid
  • Tub_Type_A-ClearZoneBodyPadsLayout
  • 1oz_Bottle_Type_B-DarkSpotCorrector
  • Blackhead_Claring_Combo-V2
  • Home-and-Away-ComboExtraStrengthFormula-3-V2
  • Medicated_Cleansing_Bar_Layout

DF•Creative created a CG pipeline for Proactiv to allow for all of their legacy and future products to be completely modular for various lockups and print needs. Each model is hand built digital replica of the existing product and handshakes with the print manufacturing pipeline to ensure seamless replication of the physical product.


client : Proactiv
media : Print, Out of Home, Catalog, Website, Billboard
features : Retouching
brief Transition the entire product library to CGI models and renders instead of traditional photography