Meaningful Beauty

  • MB_7pc90DayYouthEnhancingSystem-V3
  • MB_Ultra_7pc_Lockup-V1b
  • MB_SkinRevitalizingCollection-V3
  • MB_ULFT_Pump_CapOn_CenterHL-1oz(1)
  • MB_UltraLiftingFillingTreatment-8ml
  • MB_WrinkleRetreatJar_60ct_TippedOver-Rev2
  • MB-CBWB-FreeGiftLockup-V1
  • MB-WrinkleSmoothingCapsules-Small-7ct-CapsInFront
  • MB_CremedeSerum-1oz(1)
  • MB_On-The-Go-TravelKitBox_Angle-B

Meaningful Beauty tapped DF•Creative to migrate their traditional product photography to an entirely CG pipeline with an updated lighting package. DF•C developed a custom process that seamlessly bridged the transition while updating the iconic product with an even more high end look and feel.


client : Meaningful Beauty
media : Print, Out of Home, Website
features : Retouching
brief Create a CGI pipeline for all Meaningful Beauty products including designing a new lighting style.