Lexus – 2013 Vehicle Accessories Catalog

  • Lexus-GS-2013-Accessories_Cover_OVERLAY
  • Lexus-GS-2013-Accessories_Inside_OVERLAY
  • Lexus-LX-2013-Accessories_Cover_OVERLAY
  • Lexus-LX-2013-Accessories_Inside_OVERLAY
  • FSport_Spider_OVERLAY
  • FSport_FullFace_OVERLAY

DigitalFusion Creative designed and delivered the stunning accessories brochures for the 2013 Lexus GS and the 2013 Lexus LX. Each model required new insert photography captured by the DF•C team, which partnered with DigitalFusionPro for the ultimate in hi-defintion photography gear and lenses. Additionally, the F-Sport wheel and rims were combined with our in-house CGI to create the most accurate F-Sport accessory wheel ever printed.

client : Lexus
media : Print, Out of Home
features : Retouching
brief : Design and build 2013 Lexus GS accessories brochure, 2013 Lexus LX accessories brochure, and F-Sport Custom Wheel and rim imagery.