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  • CeeLo and Purrfect Moving Photograph
  • CeeLo and Purrfect Moving Photograph Breakdown

This project presented two distinct challenges – getting Purrfect to perform on cue, and having a prop piano that was non-functional. To overcome this challenges, Cee Lo and Purrfect were shot in separate passes and composited back together in post. The piano riff was designed in post as well to match what Cee Lo was playing.

See the breakdown video of this shot for a more in-depth view of how this piece was created.

client : Lexus
media : Print, Out of Home
features : Moving Retouching
Video Pre and Post Production
Motion Tracking
Sound Design
Audio Sweetening
brief Create a moving image of Cee Lo Green and his cat Purrfect for the iPad edition of Fast Company Magazine .