Complex Magazine – December 2009

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  • COMPLEX_DEC09JAN10_Alleyway_BuildOnR4_h264
  • COMPLEX_DEC09JAN10_Courtyard_BuildOn_h264
  • COMPLEX_DEC09JAN10_Cover_MakingOf_h264

This project involved intensive post production work on a series of stills for both the cover and an inside spread in the magazine. For the Cover, the idea was to make the fine art theater where this was shot into more of a run-down theater that would be re-branded with the complex brand as the cover masthead. CGI was used to create the neon sign and the marquee lettering. The facade was digitally reconstructed and the contents of the magazine were added as “Easter eggs” in the sense of graffiti, posters, and signage. For the other images, Complex wanted to amp up the desolation of Detroit with photo and CGI elements of destruction and decay.

Please look at the “making of” and breakdown videos of these shots for a more in-depth view of how these images were created.

client : Complex Magazine
issue : December 2009 / January 2010
media : Print Magazine
location : Detroit, MI
features : CGI
brief : To create a post-apocalyptic feel to a series of photos of Eminem shot in Detroit, including the cover which would incorporate the complex logo via CGI as a theater marquee.