Callaway Golf Company

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There were four different clubs on this shoot.  Here is a breakdown of what we did. For the Big Bertha Diablo, the photographer was reflected in the chrome of the club and the branding was not what the client wanted. A CGI replacement head on the club, combined with retouching of the environment created the perfect mood and look for this club.

The FTiQ had two different shots, the first, “FTiQ Dawn”, was an entirely CGI shot that started from a napkin sketch. The idea was to convey the magic hour of dawn on the golf course and use that as a metaphor for the new club being the dawn of a new age in golf. For the second FTiQ shot, not only was the photographer reflected in the club, but the client wanted to see more of the heel of the club and pump up the branding. The golfer and environment were retouched and the club was a full CGI replacement.

The third club was the FT-9. Using coverage shots from the shoot as a backdrop, this image is a complete CGI club with mood and environment retouching.

The fourth and final club was the X-22. For both of these shots, there was a much needed punch to accentuate the metal and branding. Retouching combined with a CGI club head and golf ball were used for optimal results.

Please look at the breakdown videos of these shots for a more in-depth view of how these images were created.

Client : Callaway Golf Company
Agency : Eleven, Inc
Media : Print, Out Of Home
features : CGI
brief : Retouch and enhance practical photography of Callaway golf clubs to change mood and remove photographer and crew reflections via traditional retouching and CGI. Also to create a CGI image from scratch, using CAD data of the clubs.