The September issue of WIRED Magazine for the iPad is breaking new ground, and it’s all electronic. Creative Director Scott Daditch of WIRED Magazine, along with noted celebrity photographer Art Streiber and camera and editorial producer Adam Grossman worked with DigitalFusion Creative to bring the cover to life.

This exciting new technique opens up vast possibilities for the editorial world, and for photographers looking to expand their creative vision. DigitalFusion Creative can now create and deliver dynamic moving content that is a hybrid of stills and video, something that plays in to the future of published media very nicely.

With over a decade of editorial content production under its belt, DigitalFusion has again run ahead of the industry to partner with creatives and publishers looking to define a new style of content for its readers with a new division, DigitalFusion CREATIVE.

“The moving cover is an instant hit, it’s really spellbinding, and gives viewers a very rich editorial experience.” notes Hugh Milstein of DigitalFusion. ” We were very excited to have created the first all digital (filmless) cover with Wired in 2005, and now in 2010 to create a new style of content with Motion Covers for the iPad shows WIRED’s dedication to be on the bleeding edge of technology.”

“We are thrilled to be able to take the toolset that we have been known for over the last decade and migrate it to moving images and give our clients that same level of quality,” said Tim Wilcox, Creative Director at DigitalFusion Creative. “We see this as just the start of where personal interactive and motion media for editorial and advertorial content can go for an enhanced user experience.”

DigitalFusion CREATIVE is a collection of creative services for editorial, advertising, and mobile content production. A division of DigitalFusion, the premiere professional digital photographic services company specializing in state-of-the-art studio and location digital capture, equipment rental and Phase One sales, retouching, CGI, printing, scanning, fine art and archival digital capture, digital processing, online editing (DF Studio), digital archiving and graphic design services.