About Us

DF•CREATIVE meets the technological needs of evolving editorial and creative advertising demands. We are your one-stop shop for all aspects of image production: from concept to onset production, to state of the art retouching and CGI and effects work, still and animated.

Our creative team combines over 2 decades of experience in all aspects of still photography with over 20 years of feature film design, FX, and production. This broad-based experience gives our clients, and their projects, the support to achieve anything that they need as the trends of media evolve, grow and merge.

DigitalFusion•CREATIVE is a division of DigitalFusion. DigitalFusion is a premiere digital photographic rental & post-production facility with offices in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. DigitalFusion specializes in state of the art studio and location digital capture, retouching, scanning, printing and archiving and provides image processing and posting services for DF Studio, our state of the art digital asset management software.