Digital Matte Painting

DF•CREATIVE puts Mad Men in motion for Newsweek’s special retro issue on the iPad

Check out the latest issue of Newsweek! It is a 1960’s retro edition featuring Mad Men and a moving cover shot by Art Streiber and animated by DigitalFusion Creative. Here is what ABC News had to say about it.The Huffington Post weighs in here. As well as Forbes, and The Hollywood Reporter. Buy it in the Itunes App Store.

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DF•CREATIVE and ‘O,The Oprah Magazine’ Celebrate 25 Years of Oprah’s Show With a Special Motion Cover

To correspond with the end of the 25 year run of The Oprah Winfrey Show, the creative team at O wanted to give all the readers a very special motion cover experience. Oprah had taped a special message for the readers from her set and we took that and inter-cut it with the opening logo and footage from her first broadcast show, 25 years earlier. To tie it all together we used the current show logo to transition us to the still cover and thank you from Oprah.

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DigitalFusion CREATIVE Helps Bring Oprah to the iPad With ‘O, The Oprah Magazine’ December 2010 Digital Issue

O, The Oprah Magazine tapped DigitalFusion CREATIVE to do its first Motion Cover for their December issue on the iPad. The O Creative team of Adam Glassman, Robert Priest, Grace Lee and Katherine Schad teamed with renowned photographer Reuven Afanador to shoot Oprah introducing the issue as a behind the scenes “peek” to her new App. DigitalFusion Creative handled all the MovingRetouching to the footage as well and animating the StillCover and marrying the two elements into a short narrative cover. Read more »

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DF•CREATIVE Breaks Down an AK-47 for WIRED Readers to Explore

It isn’t every day that a client calls and asks for a detailed part-by-part photo-real CGI replica of an AK-47 that can be animated into an exploded interactive piece for the iPad. Wired magazine was doing a feature on the gun and needed just this. Working closely with art director Alice Cho, we modeled and painted a detailed CGI gun to match the reference provided. In addition to the interactive animation, we rendered out a high resolution still of the exploded gun for the print edition of the magazine. The final pieces for the article involved a side view of the AK in the process of firing and an entirely CGI and digital matte painting of the gun firing at the viewer. Click here to see the work and breakdown videos that show how we made it all happen.

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